Baby shower gift idea

Looking for a unique baby shower gift? Consider giving a beautiful silver demi-tasse spoon to the parents-to-be. Also known as a coffee spoon, the small size of the demi-tasse makes it an ideal baby feeding spoon. This little spoon is perfect for tiny mouths.

We used a sterling Louis XI demi-tasse spoon to feed our baby boys. It’s able to hold the optimal amount of food. Once this phase has passed, it makes a lovely keepsake, bite marks and all. Also, it’s much nicer to use than plastic! Given the recent controversies over the safety plastics, particularly for infants, silver makes for an excellent alternative. Furthermore, the anti-microbial properties of sterling silver are another reason to consider the demi-tasse as a baby utensil.

We have a huge selection of demi-tasse spoons available in many different patterns.

Quick Fact: The word demitasse is French in origin and means ‘half cup’ – ‘demi’ means half and ‘tasse’ means cup. According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, the word demitasse is used to both describe black coffee served in small cup, as well as the cup used to serve it.